Art Critic Olga Tolstunova Cosplays as Famous Paintings

Russian art critic Olga Tolstunova found an intriguing way to encourage people to pay attention to her works. She decided to become the very art she talks about by cosplaying as famous paintings.

Tolstunova uses Instagram as the main platform for sharing her views on art. Her process starts with recreating the art piece she wants to talk about to small details, turning herself into the subject of a particular painting. Then she posts a side-by-side photo of the art and her cosplay while going into detail about the piece in the caption. According to her, the caption is the most important part of the post, while the cosplay only serves as an attention-grabber.

Tolstunova’s art reviews go into great depth, giving the reader the background of the piece while revealing lesser-known facts and details about it as well. She also includes her view on the art and describes the impact it left on her.

Her unusual way of delivering art reviews proved to be quite popular. Tolstunova amassed around 66,000 followers on Instagram, while her posts get thousands of likes as soon as they get published.

You can check out more of her art reviews and cosplays below.