Artist Combines Vintage Photos and Embroidery Thread to Create Unique Collages

Dutch artist Natalie Ciccoricco started making mixed media collages and illustrations after moving to the US in 2012. She combines embroidery thread with other materials such as old books, magazines, and photographs to create her unique artwork.

“I love to experiment with different materials and re-use old images and paper. In doing so, it is my hope to bring new life to these materials, so they can be enjoyed and appreciated once again. For my artworks, I draw inspiration from my dreams, nature, arts, literature and my travels,” she wrote on her website.

Ciccoricco weaves multi-colored threads to build radial circles that match the tones of the underlying images. Each circle consists of different hues of embroidery thread based on the colors present in the found images.

One of her latest works is called Crashing Waves, that features the beautifully rugged California coastline. “I’m lucky to live close enough to the Pacific to drive down to the coast and recharge every so often,” she wrote on Instagram. “its beauty still continues to amaze me. The ocean can be so humbling and purifying.” Check out her other artworks below.