Photographer Captures Stunning Portraits That Look Like Paintings

Some artists paint their subjects to look realistic, while other artists photograph their subjects to look like paintings. English photographer Matthew Lloyd belongs to the latter. Specializing in natural reportage and environmental portraiture, his photographs are stunning in their composition and lighting.

“I will shoot anything from people to cars to still life, if the quality is equally good and it can all be tied together stylistically you give yourself so much more appeal than being stuck in one box,” he told Lecture in Progress.

“The most enjoyable aspect is the variety of work and the work-life balance. The least enjoyable is going out to market yourself, and the unpredictable nature of being self-employed,” he added.

Based in Harrogate, Lloyd works independently as a commercial and editorial photographer and has worked for publications like Bloomberg, The Guardian, and Sunday Times Magazine. He has also shot some well-known celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. And judging by the quality of his work, we’re sure that the unpredictable nature of his job has decreased already.

Check out some of his portraits in the gallery below.