Artist Creates a Comic About Being in a Relationship With a Vampire

Julia Loopstra is a 25-year-old artist living and working in California. Also known as mouseonjupiter on Instagram, Loopstra loves drawing animals, dresses, and pleasant little men wearing hats. Although she has been doodling since she was a little girl, she never considered becoming a professional artist.

“I used to draw little comic strips and have doodle wars with friends but I didn’t really consider art seriously until I was approached by one of my high school teachers who encouraged me to look into art school,” the artist shared with Bored Panda.

She is also the creator of a hilarious comic about a girl dating a vampire.

“When I made Vampire Boyfriend, it was a short series meant to make me and my buddy laugh, but I got such an overwhelmingly positive response from people that I’ve just kept making them and it’s turned into much more than I ever imagined,” she added.

If you are curious to see more of her work, have a look on Instagram or on her website.