Artist Creates Animal Sculptures Out of Old Newspaper

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While most people just throw away old newspapers or store it in the garage, Chie Hitotsuyama turns it into awesome sculptures of animals. In order to create her three-dimensional artworks, this Japanese paper artist uses a special technique which includes employing twisted newspaper strings that are pasted together. This way, old newspapers find a new life and purpose as art instead of collecting dust in some storage unit.

“More than anything else, I’m particular about the realistic feel of the animals,” – Hitotsuyama told Kokusai Pulp & Paper of her works. “Animals that live in nature are equal to us in the sense that we live together on this planet. Sometimes they sleep. Sometimes they eat. They are living ordinary everyday lives just like us. I would like keep insisting on reality and producing my life-sized work as much as possible in order to convey their lives.”

You can see some of her works below.

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