Artist Creates Beautiful Collages That Resemble Oil Paintings

Albin Talik is a gifted, Cracow, Poland-based artist whose beautiful collage artworks can be easily confounded with oil paintings. However, Talik is, in fact, a paper painter, and a collage artist who uses thousands of pieces of paper to create his remarkable masterpieces.

“I’m trying to get the effect of oil painting with irregular brushstrokes,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “My works are made up of thousands of pieces of paper. Completion of such an image takes me between one week and one month depending on the degree of complexity.”

He is well-known among his fellow artists, both locally and internationally, and his work has been published in media worldwide. Talik likes to share his creations on his social media accounts, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube where he uploads time lapses. He also owns a Redbubble where he sells his merch.

If you are interested to see his unique and colorful paper collage art, just keep on scrolling.