Laura Blythman’s Art is an Instant Mood Lifter

Designer and illustrator Laura Blythman is driven by a strong passion for color. Her work is a playful collection of dreamt and imagined landscapes, flora, fauna, and magical places. The result — a little bit of this, a little bit of that — is all but boring.

“I’m drawn to color because it just makes me so happy, it never fails to lift my mood,” explained Blythman in an interview with Kids Gifts and Toys. “When I’m creating new work I decide on a color palette first. Always. At present, I can’t get away from neon pink and peach.”

Her process, which more often than not includes paper collage techniques, involves covering big sheets of watercolor paper in a variety of delicious colors and copper or gold leaf. Blythman then cuts the sheets up only to put them back together again as new artworks. “I often add my signature hand-drawn and painted detail too,” she says.

“When I was young I always loved to cut, paste and layer paper and as a teen I would spend days drawing detailed illustrations of my teen idols,” she recalled. “So I guess in some form or another I’ve always been doing exactly what I still do now,” she adds. “Drawing, cutting + pasting, creating, making things.”

Her recognizable aesthetic has garnered her a legion of fans and a super happy portfolio of work with clients ranging from start-up businesses to high profile Australian and International brands. Here are some of her more eye-popping creations: