Artist Creates Beautiful Tribal Bodypaintings

Image via vilija_art/Instagram

Vilija Vitkute, a young artist who loves bodypainting, is the creator of a series called Other Species. Her project, which changed her life completely, is made of tribal and nature related bodypainting and, according to the artist, it is about “modern people coming back to nature and starting seeing through the native eyes and understanding the language of nature”.

Vitkute’s artistic journey started in a small village placed in the forest in Sweden, in 2013/14 where she first painted herself, then her friends and neighbors.

“I felt such a strong feeling while making bodypainting and making photography, that I finally find myself in something that is great to express myself, such a happiness and joy, that I want to work with for as long as possible and be the best I can about it.” artist shared.

Scroll down and see her work below.