Artist Creates Comics About The Voices In Her Head

Image via larkness_ on Instagram

Larkness is the pseudonym for artist Estela Ribeiro Kuntz who illustrates hilarious comics about the voices in her head, telling her things and inspiring ideas that “don’t seem to come from your own brain.”

“I used to think a lot about it, and last year I started to make a comic series with these ‘voices’, which I turned into 3 ghosts with different personalities,” the artist wrote on Bored Panda. “I found art and humor to be the best way for me to share my thoughts and inner conflicts, and the coolest part of it is to find how many people relate to the situations I often come through!”

To create her artwork, she gets inspired by daily situations, the voices in her head and her adorable black cat. She documents her comic on Instagram where her photos regularly get thousands of likes from her 30 thousand followers. You can also find Larkness on her other social media accounts, such as Facebook.

If you are interested to see her work, just keep on scrolling!