Artist Creates Dark, Mysterious Posters of Best Film Nominees at the Oscars

Nuno Sarnadas is a Portuguese civil engineer and self-taught artist who is passionate about movies. To celebrate this year’s Oscars, he made a series of posters representing the films that are in the run for the Oscar for best film. The posters are made in a dark, mysterious tone, and the main characters are placed as golden Figurines.

“The art of telling a story of a film or a song through images is absolutely amazing and fulfilling, a constant challenge, and an expression of my love for all those forms of art”, the artist told Bored Panda and added that his love for art began as young child and that through the years he continued developing his technical skills in digital art and illustration.

You can see his posters for Joker, Little Woman, Parasite, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and other nominees on his Instagram account called Dark Design Pt.