Dad Celebrates His Son’s Creativity In a Special Way

Nothing is as magical as watching a child grow – from tiny, helpless babies, they become curious toddlers, then brilliant young children and passionate teens. But it can also be a bit heartbreaking – the small child you held in your arms turns into his own person so fast. It’s easy to forget the small beautiful moments you shared when they were still young. But this dad decided to commemorate those moments in a special way.

Keith Anderson is a loving dad from Ontario with a passion for tattoos. His son, Kai, loves drawing, and Keith, who’s been watching him grow and change so quickly over the years, has decided to combine the two most important things in his life – his son and tattoos – into something unique. Every year, Keith picks on of Kai’s drawing, sets up an appointment in his local tattoo parlor, and tattoos that painting on his arm.

Keith started tattooing his son’s art on his body when Kai was 5. It was a way to keep his son close, and to celebrate his childhood forever. Keith has been tattooing Kai’s drawings ever since and will continue to do so until Kai doesn’t want to do it anymore. But for now, Kai seems to be completely on board – he even accompanied Keith to his last session and helped the tattoo artist. We hope he stays on board for a long time – and that Keith keeps celebrating his love for his son for many more years.