Artist Creates Remarkable Portraits and Asks Models to Pose Next to Them

Damian Lechoszest is a super-talented artist from Poland who creates mesmerizing portraits you could easily confuse with photographs. When he is done painting, he likes to have the model stand next to the finished product just to show how realistic his paintings are.

“I work with these models. I don’t paint from a reference found somewhere on the network. I spend days with them. For bigger paintings, I set up the whole scene in my studio so that they could always come to see the finished piece,” the artist told Bored Panda.

He began painting when he was only a little boy; his talent was discovered by his primary school teacher who helped him deepen his knowledge of practical skills in oil painting.

Lechoszest’s art incorporates traditions, rituals, classical clothing antique objects, and if you look closely, you will see elements of impressionism and abstraction, as well.

He shares images of his creations on his Instagram account where he has attracted more than 120,000 followers. Scroll down and check out his paintings below.