Artist Draws Beautiful Portraits With Mechanical Pencils

Gina Iacob describes herself as an artist, weirdo, moonchild who likes to create art by using different forms and techniques. Lately, the self-taught artist started using mechanical pencils to draw her imaginary portraits and sketches.

“Ever since I discovered the magic of a mechanical pencil, I was so curious and enthusiastic to understand the dynamism of the lines,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “My wish was to recreate the movement into my sketches.”

Scrolling down her Instagram feed you will discover images made with mixed media. In her work, Iacob uses various techniques “in order to be able to learn more and more about the art of drawing and find the one that fits and challenges her the best.”

Although she “only” has 3,400 followers, the talented artist deserves much more attention. So if you like her work, you can give your support by following her creations on social media. She is also open for commission, which is great if you want to own a beautiful piece of art.