What Snacks Would Look Like if They Were Cartoon Characters

The artist named Ülker, better known as Lyra Rei on social media, works as a full-time child and adolescent psychiatrist, but in her free time, she is an illustrator. For her latest series, she poured her skills and imagination to show us what snacks would look like if they were cartoon characters.

Apart from drawing, this Istanbul-based illustrator loves cooking and eating all sorts of food and she combined all of these hobbies to find inspiration for this interesting series.

“I had to do a little research about the specific food or snack’s origin, production process, and discovered so much more when people started commenting and telling me about their homeland’s most popular food! Overall, it was a very fun and sometimes mouth-watering experience (when searching for reference photos on Pinterest)”, the artist wrote on Bored Panda.

Sour Patch Kids, Nesquik, pizza, spaghetti, ice cream and Oreo are just few of many snacks (and beverages) illustrated in Lyra’s colorful illustrations.  

“As a mental healthcare professional, I can’t stress enough how important art is to our souls and minds. It doesn’t have to be perfect – creating even the smallest thing can make our day more meaningful”, the artist said.

Take a look at Lyra’s art and make sure to follow her on Instagram for more photos.