Artist Illustrates Fashionable Vietnamese Bike Drivers

Eisen Bernardo is an artist specialized in graphic design and illustrating children’s book. The Philippines based creative has been featured in various international print and online media. In one of his projects, the artist illustrated fashionable Vietnamese bikers.

Ninja Lead is the term used to describe the covered female motorbike drivers in Vietnam,” Bernardo shared on Bored Panda. “Ninja because (obviously) they look like ninjas, and Lead from the Honda Lead motorbike model. They wear colorful/printed ‘suncoats’ protecting their bodies from the extreme sunlight of the summer season. Using popular fashion brand patterns, this series is a re-imagination of this unique fashion phenomenon in Vietnam.”

Bernardo has a couple of social media accounts where he shares his illustrations. He has two Instagram profiles, eisenbernardo where he shares the Vietnamese bikers and albumplusart where you can find album covers and classical paintings mashups.

Scroll down and take a look at his artworks below. Do you have a favorite?