Artist Imagines Monsters From Coffee Stains

Nowadays, you can make art from anything, and one illustrator and writer came up with an idea to make art from coffee stains. Stefan Kuhnigh from Germany loves to drink coffee, and his first coffelicious monster was born in winter 2011 when he accidentally spilled some on a paper. Since then, he drew over 500 pictures.

“Since then I do it day by day, or at least I try,” Kuhnigk wrote. “I create sweet, lovely and sometimes just evil coffee monsters and have by now made more than 500 of them. I really enjoy every single one because I love creation and the determination or coincidence of the coffee hitting paper. After drying for about 4 to 6 hours I can draw directly onto the stain. I try to see a monster, character or figure in it and when I find something, I draw it.”

Scroll down and check out his work below.

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Hey monsterfolks. This #sponsored post, about a dreaming #coffeemonsters morphing into a unicorn while asleep (story below), is brought to you by @adobecreativecloud – who have rolled out a new update to their #creativecloud today. Love to be a part of this campaign supporting creativity on a coffeelicious monday ☕️. . Time to celebrate 🎉 creativity and go new paths. Adobe asked me to choose one of their apps and work with it. I did take a peek at the all new photoshop cc. <3 Check out What’s New in Creative Cloud: . As i am more of a paper artist it took this particular monster to a new level because i used photoshop cc. Love the new layout of the file-screen. Love some of the (for me) new features like auto-fill and i still love how my drawing tablet works with it. Colour correction made me do a green monster, but i imagined it would disturb you all, so i left it coffee mixed with rainbow. 😉 . Story: Even a monster is able to dream. And what better dream there could be on a monday than dreaming of being a unicorn? None? Right! None! And so this monster rests in a deep and restless slumber while growing a horn and a beautiful rainbow tail. . My BOOK is available via link in my profile. 📙 . Follow me drawing monsters on . The FB with livestreams is here . Tags: #illustration #coffeemonsters #thecoffeemonsters #coffee #coffeelicious #nomnom #drink #spill #stain #coffeestain #tablet #drawing #rainbow #unicorn #latteart #coffeeart #kaffee #kaffeemonster #paper #espresso #creative

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