These Storage Containers Will Notify You When Food is About to Go Bad

How many times have you forgotten something in the fridge for days on end? You put in fresh veggies, or lasagna leftovers, only to find that they’ve gone bad when you want to eat them.

But thanks to a new brilliant company which makes smart food containers that will warn you when the food reaches its expiry date, the unpleasant experience of throwing away what used to be perfectly good food is a thing of the past.

Ovie Smarterware is the world’s first smart food storage system that will make you ditch old zip bags and plastic containers. Mind you, these are much more than just plain food containers – the product comes with multiple accessories and Smart Tags that will help you package any type of food. Plastic bag closing clips are also available, along with a Universal Connect that can be put onto every type of material, including glass.

The Smart Tag is removable and waterproof and you can easily connect it to your smartphone. It displays three different colors, each of them representing a different condition of the food. If it lights green, it means that the food is freshly tagged, if it’s yellow you can still eat it but don’t wait too long, and when it turns red it means it’s time to say goodbye!