Artist Makes Beautiful Multi-Layered Pottery That Will Take Your Breath Away

Sean Forest Roberts is a 29-year-old artist from Washington who carves breathtaking pottery, and the owner of a small business called Forest Ceramic Company. Having a background in chemistry and working four years in science labs helped him develop intricate porcelain forms and patterns.

“My work is constantly changing as I explore new ways of creating pattern, texture, and form,” the artist shared on his personal website. “I am deeply fascinated by the underlying randomness in the patterns and structures of nature, and I attempt to replicate some of those effects in my work.”

His love for pottery was born in high school, and his latest work, the multi-colored porcelain is the result of 5 years of experimentation with marbling colored slips.

“My ceramic knowledge is self-taught, and I am most interested in exploring processes that are not common knowledge,” he told Bored Panda. “I continue to learn every day through my experimentation.”

To see his beautiful creations, have a look on Instagram or check out his website.