Artist Travels the World in His Superman Suit

Dressing up as your favorite superhero character has to be every child’s favorite thing to do. However, for some, that love doesn’t go away with years, in fact, it becomes stronger.

This happened to Jonathan Belle, a photographer, and artist who loves to dress up as Superman.

“I love to travel and take photos in my Superman Suit,” Belle shared with Bored Panda. “I do this to inspire others to be themselves, sometimes we want to dress up or be who we want to be, but find it hard if we don’t ‘look the part’. I certainly don’t ‘look’ like the typical Superman. But I do this because it is my way of trying to inspire people to do the same.”

The artist shared his hilarious images on his social media account, where he has attracted more than 10.7 Instagram followers.

Scroll down and check out Belle’s adventures below.