Malaysian Artist Creates Stunning Dioramas with Miniature Modelling

Eddie Putera is both a photographer and a miniaturist. He creates scenes that are so detailed and takes pictures of them. His work takes up to a week to complete, and he can complete up to 5 or 6 in a month.

This miniaturist always has a story to tell with his dioramas, and this is a perfect way to visualize the tales. The artist started creating dioramas a few years ago, and this was after he realized that he could not tell a story without a physical background. Some of the miniatures are built from his memory, and he uses them to honor or relive some moments from his past.

The dioramas are extremely realistic because of the artist’s ability to recreate objects and textures and his attention to detail. Putera sells his work as many people buy them to gift their loved ones. Some people also send requests for him to help them relive memories of their past.

See some of his work below.