Internet Users are Rewriting History with “Gonna Tell My Kids” Memes

We have a new trendy meme circulating social media every week, and the latest viral trend is all about putting a fun spin on history. The viral “gonna tell my kids” meme is ripping pages straight out of our history books and replacing them with hilarious new content.

Internet users are having the fun of their life joking about rewriting history by telling their future children some of the history’s most significant figures are actually random pop culture icons. Some of the picks are pretty obvious, while others require a couple of seconds to figure out, but they’re all equally hilarious.

Some of our favorite celebrities seem to be in love with this meme. The Twitter account of Stranger Things shared a photo of the cast with a caption “gonna tell my kids these were the ghostbusters.” Jamie Foxx also posted one of the viral memes on Instagram, while Troye Sivan was flattered after being compared to Timothée Chalamet.

The core idea of this meme is that every generation has their heroes, and what a better way to introduce them to your future kids than comparing them to their historically significant doppelgängers?