Artist Uses Squeegee to Create Abstract Paintings

We have seen artists using various methods and tools to apply paint to canvas and create a painting. However, the way artist Sharece does it is really something else.

Sharece became popular on social media thanks to her abstract paintings made with a squeegee. Yes, it is the same tool everyone else uses for cleaning windows.

The artist places dollops of color on canvas and then uses a squeegee to smear them all over it. This doesn’t only result in an intriguing piece of art, but the process is also quite satisfying. You are watching an artwork come together in a matter of seconds.

While Sharece mainly focuses on abstract art, she also does paintings of pop culture characters like Spongebob Squarepants and animals in the same way. While these types of artworks are a bit more demanding and require more prep time, they turn out quite great, considering the method.

It is safe to say that internet users love Sharece’s pieces.

“What the I’m calling voodoo magic on that,” one TikTok user commented on her Spongebob video.

If you would like to check out more of these amazing artworks and enjoy watching them get made, check out more of Sharece’s social media videos below.