Kristof Santy Pays Tribute to Épinal Prints With His New Series of Paintings

Belgian artist Kristof Santy recently unveiled a new series of paintings that pay tribute to Épinal prints. These prints, originating in 19th-century France, became popular thanks to their bold colors and depiction of popular subjects. They also prompted the creation of the term “image d’Épinal,” which is used to describe a naïve depiction of a subject and focus on its positive sides.

Santy embraces the core elements of Épinal prints, using vibrant colors, sharp outlines, and flattening perspective. His works show familiar scenes ranging from household objects and food platters to moving vehicles and outdoor scenery.

According to Santy, the biggest inspirations for his works are folk tales and customs. However, he doesn’t view himself as a “storyteller” and instead lets his artworks “take the lead.”

Santy also credits Belgian painter Jean Brusselmans as a major influence. The discovery of Brusselman’s works prompted him to start finding an “enormous freedom in the expressive painting of typically mundane and everyday subjects.” Eventually, he discovered his own style and applied it to figurative works and still-life paintings.

If you are interested in checking out more of Santy’s paintings, visit the artist’s social media channels or continue scrolling below.