Artist Who Dreamed About Becoming a Painter Finally Fulfilled Her Dream

Violetta Boyadzhieva is a 31-year-old landscape architect who has been dreaming of becoming an artist since she was a little girl. While living in Germany, she was working in a nice studio on big projects. However, unfortunately, when her father passed away three years ago, she decided to go back to her homeland, Bulgaria and she began her painting career.

“I believe the world is full of so much intriguing forms and creatures and I think art is one more opportunity for us to see their beauty, to connect with them and maybe sometimes feel something more,” the artist shared on her personal website. “Art is everywhere and it answers the existential question ‘Is there anything more to it?’. Mostly art is mostly a mirror, you see in it yourself, but not the memory of you in your head, but the full picture with all the details.”

Three years later, she is now a watercolor artist who creates enchanting art pieces inspired by nature and wildlife. If you are interested in seeing her work, check out her Instagram gallery below or have a look at her website. Which painting is your favorite?