Astonishing Black and White Murals of Animals by ROA

ROA is a Belgium-born street artist that doesn’t reveal much about himself and rarely shows his face. Instead, he lets his works do the talking.

ROA is best known for his giant murals of animals like rats, snakes, crocodiles, and birds that decorate buildings all over the world. So far he worked all across Europe and the United States, as well as Australia, Asia, New Zealand, and Africa.

“Exploration of nature, more specifically of the animal world, can lead to increased empathy,” ROA explains his inspiration with animals and nature. “It teaches you something substantial about how one should live a good life.”

This talented artist usually uses minimal color pallet, with black and white being predominant in his works. Another impressive thing about his works is that he doesn’t use sketches, preferring to immediately go to work.

Check out more of ROA’s works below.