Ava Roth Creates Art With Honey Bees

Image via avarothart/Instagram

Artist Ava Roth collaborates with honey bees to create unique and stunning artwork. Her art combines embroidery, beadwork, fabric, and tree bark, but the final touch is honeycomb produced by her tiny associates. Roth first creates her art inside the comb frames and lets the bees provide final touches with honeycomb patterns that are always unique.

“This project is a collaboration in the truest sense. It involves careful listening, respecting the bees, and cooperating with them entirely, from the choice of materials, size, timing, and scope of design,” Roth told This is Colossal. Her art celebrates the amazing work honeybees do that we often take for granted.

Her Instagram account is still young, but you can support her by following it if you enjoy her art. Check out some of it below.