Elian Chali’s Murals Make Mundane Buildings Bright

Elian Chali is an artist from Argentina who creates vibrant murals on buildings that once were plain and dull. Using shapes like squares and triangles, he creates the illusion of floating patterns that make his art come alive.

“Art has been and is, my salvation and ruin. I don’t perceive art just like something I do while painting,” he told Inside the Rift in an interview. “The artistic practice is a life practice that I found in everything that I do. I don’t think in making art forever, I think in living the same way that I live now forever. With or without art.”

Chali’s art looks uniquely dynamic and creative. He often uses primary colors which makes his work almost minimalistic, despite bursting in color. Aside from these street projects, the artist creates paintings and prints that are often exhibited in galleries. He also works as a freelance curator.

Don’t miss the work of this talented artist and let his colors brighten your day. Scroll down to see our favorites and visit his website and Instagram for more.