Beautiful and Calming Oil Paintings of Waterscapes by Donna Young

If you want to rest your eyes for a bit and enjoy calming scenery, then the works of Donna Young should definitely be at the top of your list. This award-winning artist is known for her oil paintings of waterscapes done with warm color and great attention for details.

Young’s paintings often portray water lily ponds, river creeks, and calm streams in their idyllic state, inviting the viewer to get lost in their tranquility.

According to Young, she aims to achieve an “atmospheric perspective of depth” in her works and have viewers soak in all the different layers of the art.

“Three different planes of existence appear to gracefully float within one space,” Young says about her art. “Melding together the vertical sky, horizontal water, organic material and the rhythmic circles of motion create a juxtaposition that is vibrant, yet peaceful. The spirit of intrinsic nature is created.”

Check out some of Young’s works below.