Creepy 3-D Renderings Show Pop Culture Characters in New Light

Freelance 3-D artist Yan Blanco lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil, where he created these grotesque renderings of pop culture characters. His Sponge Bob, Santa Clause, and Bugs Bunny have definitely seen some horrible things in their lives. 

Blanco told 3DTotal that he began experimenting with such characters when he discovered Blender, the 3D computer graphics software toolset. This was a perfect way for him to practice working in the new program while having fun exploring original ideas.

“I’ve been an illustrator since I was a child, and until adolescence, I wanted to work with digital illustration, but in 2014 at the College of Graphic Design I met Blender, and that changed my artistic life completely,” the artist said.

Since then, he found many ways to study 3-D online, exploring the available tutorials, websites, articles, videos, etc. Check out his work below.

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