Blogger Transforms Guest Room From Dull to Chic

These days, you don’t really have to look far for inspiration. In fact, you’re holding what’s probably the best source of creative inspiration right in the palm of your hands, which is your smartphone.

With just a few taps, you’ll find all sorts of inspirations for whatever it is you need.

Take for example, interior design inspiration.

Of course, inspiration is different from the actual work. You can be so inspired by something that you saw over the internet, and still not be able to pull it off, mostly because it was too challenging or you just weren’t up for it.

Leanne Lim-Walker recently went viral after she decided to turn her dull excuse of a guest room into something that most of us would love to have in our homes.

If you’d like to take a look at the entire process of how she did it, you can, because she’s uploaded the entirety of it on YouTube. However, keep in mind that before you get inspired to do this, you have to commit to it.

Inspiration is just a small part of the renovation. You actually have to do the renovation itself to see any noticeable results.