Bonnie Pang’s Comics Show the Reality of a Relationship with “IT Guy”

There are many comics that sum up the reality of every long-term relationship, but Bonnie Pang’s comics are about a relationship between an “IT Guy” and an “Art Girl”. While she bases the comics on the moments she and her partner share, they are beautifully relatable for every couple in similar professions.

“I have been creating comics since I was little, maybe 6-7 years old, so I have been making comics for about 20 years now,” Bonnie says. “I believe my first comic was a spin-off of Three Little Pigs. In it, they were running a restaurant, so the wolf would come to have some actual food instead of the pigs themselves. Throughout my school years, most of my comics had been fan comics of shows and movies that I loved, and around 2013 I began making original comics.”

“I had been creating a heartwarming-wholesome style comic on Webtoons called Roar Street Journal for 3 years,” she continues. “I had a great time making it, but I wanted to try creating other comics as well. Coincidentally, my fiancé and I got engaged this year, so I thought it’s a good time to start a relationship comic.”