Boston Home Inspector Shares Hilarious And Bizarre Fails

Not all homeowners are particularly cautious when it comes to maintenance and renovations. This not only leads to big problems down the line but can also result in some funny fails.

The homeowners’ mistakes and negligence prompted one Boston home inspector to start an Instagram page where he shares some of the most hilarious and bizarre things he encountered while performing home inspections in the past 25 years. This included air vents filled with dust lint, second-floor doors that led to nowhere, an outdoor shower cabin in a crowded residential neighborhood, and much more.

In a recent chat with Bored Panda, James Brock, who founded the page, revealed that it was his daughter that actually proposed the idea of an Instagram account.

“She gave the idea that I should post some of the funny things that we find during the inspections,” Brock shared. “The thought might have sounded strange at the time, but he decided to try it out.”

This was the right decision, as the page quickly became popular and amassed a big following in a short amount of time. According to Brock, his intention is not to shame the homeowners but rather to provide some laughs and inspire his followers to take better care of their homes.

As it turns out, Brock has seen even more outrageous things than those posted on Instagram but didn’t manage to capture them on camera.

“There are many funny, crazy, and scary things we find that just do not photograph well so we miss out on those,” he added.

Check out more of his hilarious and bizarre findings below.