Remix the Dog is a Superstar in the Making

Remix the dog, AKA the Stylish Bearded Pupster is one classy pup. A Miniature Schnauzer hailing from Toronto, Canada, his small size doesn’t slow him down. In fact, with features in esteemed fashion magazines like ELLE, Glamour, and Mr. Porter, we can barely keep up.

Most famous for his horn-rimmed glasses, Remix is the Dumbledore of Dogdom and the beard to the hipster. He’s also a frequent flyer, having traveled around the globe, anywhere from Israel to Puerto Rico.

“His collection of Hawaiian shirts work well in the Miami weather,” reflected his owner, Chris Ha, in an interview with Django. “He is sort of known for sporting sunglasses. When I put them on his head, he freezes in place, which is actually perfect for taking photos.”

But according to Ha, Remix (like most fashion divas) is also kind of a diva, in terms of attitude: “Remix is super grumpy,” admits Ha. “His nickname is ‘Grumpy Pup’ because he makes this grumbling sound whenever he is doing anything. When I want him to do something, it always has to be on his own terms. Though he is always attached to us in some way and needs to cuddle.”