British Mom Becomes Famous After Copying Her Daughter

What do you think you’ll be doing once you near retirement age and your children are all grown up?

For one 57-year-old British Mom, the answer is to go Instagram famous.

Using her age-positive Instagram account, which she aptly named NiftyAfterFifty, Kasha Grimes flaunted her ageless beauty copying her 20-year-old daughter’s look, and what do you know? It actually worked!

As of this time of writing, the so-called “Mumma Grimes”, who hails from Gloucestershire, England, has amassed 21.7k followers, which isn’t half bad. Meanwhile, her daughter, Misha Grimes, has nearly 100k followers and if you take the time to look at both of their social media accounts, you’ll see how the proverbial apple definitely doesn’t fall too far off from the tree.

While this may all have started from a mother’s cheeky attempt to try and knock-off her daughter, Kasha’s efforts have now served to inspire countless women around the globe.

Many applaud her for her bravery and genuine approach to aging, which is hard to find these days when most people are concerned about looking so young for so long.

If you’re ever in need of a serious confidence boost or inspiration, then look no further than below.