Brittany Boyer’s Cakes Are a True Feast for the Eyes

Instagram is overflowing with amazing food artists who are ready to put some extra time and love into everything they make. That’s the case with Brittany May Cakes, colorful and delicious creations that look straight out of a fairy tale.

The Canadian baker and cake designer Brittany Boyer attracted almost 125,000 followers to her Instagram page with her delightful creations, and scrolling through her feed will make you feel like you walked into a candy land.

Her cakes feature every delicious thing you could possibly think of – from sprinkles and fruits to Oreos and actual ice cream cones. This may sound over-the-top at first, but Boyer always finds a perfect balance between these ingredients and transforms each cake into a true feast for the eyes.

To make the whole thing even better, she’s actually a self-taught cake maker and comes up with the ideas for her signature buttercream cakes on her own. Check out some more of her work, and we promise her cake will give you major cuteness overload.