Creative Mom Makes Fun Lunches to Help Daughter Make Friends

We all know how lonely school can be, especially if you have little to no friends and you’re too shy to reach out to other people.

This is a fact of life that nearly all of us will have to go through during our formative years. But, even if that is true, a little bit of help can go a long way, which is exactly what this mother has done.

Candace Ku noticed how her daughter felt sad every time she went home because she was always playing alone.

After having spent nights thinking about how she could make her daughter’s school life a bit better, her mother instincts eventually kicked in and she decided to create cute and fun snacks, as well as lunches, for her child to enjoy.

Decorating her daughter’s food with all sorts of cute characters, the concerned mother hoped that it would help attract other kids and make them want to talk to her daughter — and it worked!

Even though Candace had to wake up early in the morning to prepare her daughter’s lunch, her efforts were well rewarded after seeing how happy her daughter was every time she came home.

Truly, a mom’s love knows no bounds.

Scroll down below to see Candace Ku’s creativity and love for her daughter in full display.