Cakes Transformed into a Flowery Pastry Art

We saw numerous times that pastry chefs tend to decorate their cakes and other baking goods with flowers and petals in order to make them more appealing to the eye. The tricky part here is that this only looks good and if you want to eat the cake, you have to remove all the extra pieces that are not usually edible. Well, this isn’t the issue with Atelier Soo’s flower-decorated cakes.

This Seoul-based chef is known for her awesome looking cakes that are covered with bouquets of roses and other flowers which turns them into true flowery pastry art. But the thing with Soo’s decorations is that they are entirely edible.

In order to decorate their cakes, Soo uses flowers and plants that are made out of ingredients like butter, sugar, and whipping cream. She is so good at her work that she is able to recreate blossoming flowers of all colors, shapes, and sizes that you can easily mistake them for the real deal. It is only when you bite into them that you realize they are in fact a creation of a pastry chef.

Check out some of Soo’s amazing cakes below.