Caroline Walker’s Paintings Show the Women of London’s Service Industries

A few years ago, London-based painter Caroline Walker noticed that there was an increasing number of nail salons in her neighborhood and that motivated her to start observing women who work in service industries more. Walker documents the scenes of women at work with a sense of realism and even serenity. Her subjects work in hotels, bars, tailors, kitchens, offices, and many other places.

Like many other artists, Walker fell in love with painting and drawing when she was a kid. “I was mad about drawing and painting from a very early age, and would spend countless hours in my first studio (a large kitchen cupboard I commandeered) drawing endless pictures of women,” she tells It’s Nice That. “So I would say it was hard wired from the start.” 

See her series of paintings of women in service industries below and check out her social media for more!