Cat Owner Pranks His Cat in the Most Hilarious Way

Cats love to be mischievous and play with their owner’s nerve and patience. Tired of this, one cat owner decided to turn the tables and prank his feline in the most hilarious way.

In a viral video shared on TikTok, a cat named Steve can be seen cleaning himself. However, each time Steve licks his paw, his owner produces a loud licking noise.

The first time his human did this, Steve was perplexed, looking at the camera and wondering what just happened. The cat decided to disregard it and continue with its business but his owner did it again. Eventually, Steve gave up and just continued to stare at his owner.

“Safe to say, he was annoyed,” Steve’s owner wrote in the caption of the clip.

The video quickly went viral across TikTok, receiving a whopping 12.4 million views since being shared in late April. It also got more than 20K TikTokers involved in the comments section, with some comparing the cat to famous actors and others being amused by his struggles.

“He knows exactly what you’re doing but can’t figure out why,” one TikTok user wrote in the comments section.

“He has to switch position just to be sure he wasn’t the one making that sound,” another added.