Cat Tries to Catch a Fly, Falls Into a Washing Machine

Cats are a gift to humankind. They provide us with company and cuddles (when they are in the mood for them) while also entertaining us with their antics. And sometimes those antics can be really hilarious, as seen in the recent video shared by TikTok user Abbie Leigh.

In the clip, Leigh’s cat Theo can be seen standing on a fridge and observing a fly that is resting on one of the cupboards. Theo decides it is risky to attack the fly from his current position, so he changes his strategy. But that turns out even worse for him.

After making his way down to the ground, Theo tries to get closer to the fly by jumping on the washing machine. However, he doesn’t realize that the washer is open and ends up falling into it, prompting Leigh to burst into laughter.

Fortunately, Theo was completely fine after the incident and “still ended up catching the fly,” according to his owner.

The video ended up spreading on social media, garnering 1.5 million views and earning Theo a status of an internet star. This prompted Leigh to share a second video in which her energetic cat is doing other daring stunts. Check it out below and marvel at his fearlessness.