Charlie Bennell’s Paintings Form a Meditative Space

Scrolling through artist Charlie Bennell’s Instagram page, you can’t but notice common themes throughout her work. Her paintings seem to focus on eerily empty landscapes and detached settings – architectural structures that have an ethereal feel to them.

Focused on digital illustration, painting, and printmaking, Bennell has an appreciation for architectural movements and how they relate to a more spiritual realm. Through her artwork, she explores ideas of light and shadow, color, solid, and void and the way the space around us impacts our experiences.

In a world of 24-hour connectivity, her imaginary environments seek to create a utopian space for introspection and worship. “The process of creating is a meditative process and helps to slow me down,” she says in an interview with Ballpitmag. “I hope to inspire the same introspection in those who view my art as I get from creating it.”

“Visually, I find the relationship between structured and organic shapes really interesting,” she says. “I like drawing inspiration from existing architectural spaces and reworking them to explore how the space around us impacts our experiences and how they interact with natural elements, light, and color.”

Step inside her meditative space:

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