“Crafty Is Cool” Crochets Adorable Amigurumi, Including Baby Yoda

Allison Hoffman, the talented lady behind the brand Crafty is Cool started crocheting in 2007.

She first learned about amigurumi online and fell in love with the whole concept. Amigurumi is the name for a Japanese art form of crocheting or knitting stuffed yarn characters. Amigurumi figures can be big or small, and represent animals, humans, or fictional characters.

She’s a big crafter with experience in many crafts like scrapbooking, knitting, embroidery, and cross-stitch, but crocheting small creatures turned out to be her absolute favorite.

“After teaching myself on YouTube, I bought lots of crochet books and started trying to design my own,” Hoffman writes on her website. “I wanted to make people dolls, and I couldn’t find many patterns out there at all, so I crocheted my first human doll, Conan O’Brien. The rest is history.”

One of her recent works is a Baby Yoda crochet doll and it’s unbelievably cute! She sells PDF patterns on Etsy that you can buy and make your own characters with no time. Check out some of them below.