Check Out These Fun, Colorful Paintings By Dalia Kantor

Dalia Kantor is a talented Israeli painter born to a family of artists. While creating her art pieces, she uses colors, shapes, and abstract figures to express the content of her soul. Browsing through her Instagram account you will see portraits of beautiful women, flowers, and butterflies all painted with vibrant colors.

She seeks inspiration from nature, human emotions, sensibility, travels, and invigoration and uses her brushstrokes to “encourage the viewer to join her in her world of imagination.” Abstract Art, Decorative Art, Fine Art, Figures, Faces, and Custom Pieces can all be found in Kantor’s gallery.

In the 1990s, the artist moved to South Florida where she was able to pursue her career as an artist. During her artistic journey, she participated in numerous art shows and gallery representations both locally and internationally.

You can find her colorful art on her social media accounts and on her personal website where she shares more of her creations. If you are interested to see Kantor’s work, check out the gallery below or follow her on Instagram for future updates.