Japanese Bakery Makes the Most Adorable Corgi-shaped Bread Buns

From their extremely friendly nature to adorable short stature, it’s pretty much impossible to make a list of all the reasons why we love Corgis so much. Workers in Utiwapayna bakery in Japan are doing their best to celebrate the cutest feature of this breed – their adorable fluffy butts.

The bakery recently updated their menu and made it cuter by offering Corgi butt-shaped bread buns to its clients. You’ve probably seen, if not in person then at least on photos, how cute these dogs look from behind, especially when they stretch out their legs behind them.

Well, Utiwapayna bakery was so moved by this breed’s cuteness, that they turned it into an interesting business idea. Not only did they perfectly capture Corgi’s shapely buns with the addition of their cute short legs and signature bobtail, but the buns also look very tasty! They’re filled with jam or custard, which makes them pretty much perfect!

This is not the first time for Utiwapayna bakery to make a creative move like this. They’ve been selling puppy-shaped bread loaves and cat-shaped buns for years now. But considering the fact that Corgis are very popular in Japan, we can only guess that this is going to be their most popular baked good so far. So if you ever happen to be in Sapporo, Japan, stop by for a cute and delicious bite of these unusual buns.