Check Out This Mind-Blowing Pop Culture-Inspired Lip Art

Instagram is filled with all sorts of talented makeup artists, but Ryan Kelly seems to be on a whole other level. For this Maryland-based makeup artist, the lips are a canvas on which she creates pop culture-inspired arts with mind-blowing accuracy. Kelly is able to recreate famous cartoon characters, superheroes, and even entire movie scenes on her lips.

In order to create this impressive lip art, she developed a special technique which is similar to those used by tattoo artists. Kelly first draws big lips on a piece of paper and then lays the image on them. After figuring out the proportions, she sketches out the desired scene or a character on temporary tattoo paper before transferring it to her lips. From there she colors the image with liquid lipstick and ends up with a true small piece of art.

“My technique has certainly evolved. I definitely look back on my earlier looks and cringe a bit,” Kelly said in a recent interview. “One thing that’s remained pretty consistent is the content. I love playing with trends and pop culture references.”

Check out some of Ryan Kelly’s amazing lip art below.