Chewie the Pomeranian is Our Latest Dog Crush on Instagram

Giving your coworker a high five can be pretty awkward, unless that someone is a Pomeranian. Meet Instagram sensation, Chewie, taking the world by storm one paw at a time.

Chewie loves wearing tiny outfits that complement its tiny body, but what made him an instant celebrity-dog was his high five capabilities. Very impressive, little buddy. The adorable fluffball has amassed almost 100,000 followers on Instagram that follow his tiniest of moves.

Most Pomeranians weigh something in between 1.9–3.5 kilograms (4.2–7.7 lb) and stand at 5.0–11 inches (13–28 cm) high at the withers. Since 1998, the breed has ranked among the top fifty most popular breeds in the US, and judging by Chewie’s star quality we can understand why.

Follow his daily activities on his Instagram page, and be sure to stretch your hand for a high five if you ever get to see him in person.