Dog Steals a Cheeto From a Hamster in This Hilarious Video

Most of the time, dogs are adorable four-legged creatures that just want to play around and be jolly. However, when they become hungry, their personality can quickly change, and they are ready to do just about anything to get a bite to eat. One little hamster recently learned it first-hand when a canine stole his Cheeto.

In a video that is making rounds on social media, and was then posted by ViralHog, an adorable hamster can be seen standing on a couch and nibbling on a Cheeto. Suddenly, he is approached by the dog, who is attracted by the smell of the snack. Without thinking twice, the canine simply grabs the Cheeto from the hamster’s tiny paws and eats it.

The hamster ends up trying to make the best out of the situation by licking the remaining Cheeto dust on his paws.

While most internet users found the clip quite funny, there were some who felt sorry for the hamster and the way it lost its snack.

“The hamster seen his whole life flash before his little eye,” one user commented.

“That’s mean,” another added.

We really hope that the hamster ended up getting another Cheeto to snack on because he seemed to have enjoyed the first one a lot before it was taken from him.