Couple Capture Cute Portraits of Dogs Strolling Lithuania

The street photography blog of dogs, Dogs of Vilnus, is the creation of Gabija Kavaliauskaite and Karolis Jonusa. The couple explore the streets of Vilnus, the capital city of Lithuania, and capture photos of adorable doggies they meet. According to them, there are approximately 730k dogs in the small country with population of just 3 million.

“We began this project as a way of stepping further from our usual approach when encountering some passerby’s dog, normally just asking to pet it and then bid our farewell,” they shared on Bored Panda. “However, now we don’t settle until there are at least a few dozen potential pictures…Rather often it takes more than just a treat to attract the attention of a doggo: some are more interested in toys, some require commands from their owner.”

Scroll down and enjoy!