Couple Creates Christmas Tree Made Of Broken Mirrors

You might have heard of Emily Seilhamer and her husband’s DIYs. They are surely best-known for creating unconventional Christmas trees. Instead of going on a shopping adventure, they decided they would use things they found around the house to create their tree. This is their fifth one.

Whilst the Pennsylvania-based couple is saving the environment, they are also having so much fun doing it. This year, they made a futuristic-looking Christmas tree from old mirrors.

“The decade comes to an end we’ve done a lot of ‘reflecting’. Made from mirrors and reclaimed wood it plays with illusion. No filters, just lighting,” the wrote on their Facebook page. “Unfortunately, NONE of these pictures really show the true effects it brings in person. Who knew mirrors where so hard to photograph!”

The creative Christmas trees aren’t the only things they have shared with their followers. They also make other creative projects, such as the Starburst Wrapper Dress or dressing up wine bottles in cash.

If you are interested to see their work, check them out on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t forget to follow the arrows for more amazing images.