Couple Sails Around the World — and Will Make You Green With Envy

Nick Fabbri and Terysa Vanderloo had it all: Nick was a dentist, and Terysa was a paramedic. They were living in London with their two cats and seemed happy with their life. 

But there was more to their story. Nick and Terysa weren’t really happy with their path in life. They were working long hours and spending their evening at home in front of the TV. They wanted to try something new–to travel and see the world–but they didn’t know how or where to start.

Then, in 2007, Nick bought his first boat and was introduced to the sailing community. Suddenly, the dream of seeing the world seemed possible. He set himself a goal–to ditch his old way of life and live on his boat full-time.  Nick and Terysa started working toward that goal, and in 2009 they bought their yacht, which they named Ruby Rose. They spent a year preparing it for travel, and then they set sails and left city life behind for good. 

They’ve been sailing for the past four years, visiting exotic destinations and enjoying their new, relaxed and disconnected routine. It’s not always easy–they usually have only each other for company, and life on a boat can be challenging–but they wouldn’t trade their new, free lifestyle for anything in the world.